Bucket List

"We live, we die, and the wheels on the bus go round and round". 
 ~The Bucket List

So, here is my list.  In no particular order.
  1. Create a blog about my adventures (a work in progress)
  2. Visit Long Island's Lighthouses
  3. Witness the beauty of the Grand Canyon 01-2012 
  4. Visit Sedona 01/2012
  5. Hot Air Balloon ride
  6. Fly a Trapeze
  7. Burlesque Dance 01-04-11  (I love that "sexy, powerful, you-can't-touch-this 1940s burlesque look") 
  8. Visit Spain
  9. Spend Christmas somewhere warm and sunny
  10. Run a marathon (preferably NYC)
  11. Take a photography class
  12. Scuba Diving Certificate
  13. Visit Brooklyn Botanical Garden in Spring 04-12-12
  14. Build a sandcastle
  15. Get in the best shape I have ever been 10/29/11 (competed on first Figure Competition)
  16. Get a navel piercing
  17. Sing Karaoke
  18. Learn to drive stick shift
  19. Attend my first Halloween party & in full costume!
  20. Watch all the Godfather movies
  21. Take a pottery class
  22. Horse Carriage thru Central Park during Autumn
  23. Read Paulo Coelho best sellers  (The Alchemist, Warrior of the Light;  The Pilgrimage;  By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept;  The Valkyries;  Eleven Minutes;  The Fifth Mountain;  AMOR;  Life;  Brida;  The Winner Stands Alone)
  24. Pin up photo shoot
  25. Visit the 50 state in the United States
  26. Ride a motorcycle
  27. Spend the day at a Spa
  28. Wine tour with my best friends
  29. Organize my photos
  30. Find the perfect fitting bra
  31. Explore the Grand Canyon
  32. Ride a mule in the Grand Canyon
  33. Learn patience
  34. Go to the drive-in movie theater
  35. Watch a sunrise
  36. Attend a baseball game with my Son
  37. Marry my soulmate and love of my life  Yay!
  38. Visit all the Wineries in New Jersey
  39. Explore California
  40. Become a certified Yoga instructor
  41. Open and run a Fitness/Wellness studio
  42. Visit all the continents
  43. Ride a camel
  44. Ride an elephan in Thailand
  45. Explore the Taj Mahal
  46. Live in Italy either long or short term
  47. Hand glide
  48. Learn a foreign language
  49. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  50. Do a classic yoga headstand
  51. See Machu Picchu
  52. Have breakfast in Paris across the Eiffel tower
  53. See the Pyramids of Gyza
  54. See the Great Wall of China
  55. Explore Iguazu Falls
  56. Do an amazing act of kindness and keep it secret
  57. Go to Mardi Grass
  58. Stay in a beautiful Inn or Bed and Breakfast in Napa Valley