Sunday, June 24, 2012

In the pursuit of fitness

I've always enjoyed exercise, but tend to lose motivation very fast. I was also a runner and had spend the past year traveling around the country running in half-marathons, but I was a mediocre runner. I have always been intrigue by fitness athlete, but thought that a physique like that was unattainable.

One day while browsing a friend's Facebook page, I came across the profile of an absolutely stunning lady... Lauren Catherine. I was in total awe with her physique, and having the obsessive personality I have, I stalked her Facebook page until I finally found out how she attained such a sculpted body. She was a Mibolife athlete. I browsed the Mibolife website and decided that I if I wanted to obtained my fitness and health goals, I would need to enlist the help of Mibolife's president and owner, Ben Yosef.

When I first met Ben, I explained to him that I was interested in getting my clothes to fit better, and that I wanted to get into the shape of my life. But after meeting Lauren Catherine and the rest of the Team Mibolife Athletes, it was then that I made a decision... I wanted to complete in a figure competition. It was time to really get in shape.
About 37 pounds overweight and tired of just feeling mediocre, I started with a vengeance. The first phase of Ben's consisted on getting me lean, the second part consisted of building my musculature, and last was prepping me for my first figure competition. Ben customized a personalized clean eating plan for me, and we worked out almost every day for at least an hour.  Approximately 7 months and 37 pounds later, I was shopping for new clothes, and ready to step on stage for the first time.
I did not place on my first figure competition and didn't take home a trophy, but I got into the best shape of my life and I get to go home to a loving, supportive family.