Tuesday, January 8, 2013

40 Days to Personal Revolution

Tomorrow starts my journey to "awaken the sacred within my soul"
Today I had my first meeting with my new group of "40 Days" friends, where we discuss the program.  I also was partnered up with a "buddy", whom I am expected to check in with once a week.  The program starts tomorrow and for the first week we will be meditating for 5 minutes, once in the morning, once at night.  We also must practice yoga for at least 20 minutes a day.  Since I am off from work tomorrow, I will be attending the studio class at 10 am.

If you are wondering what is "40 Days to Personal Revolution", is a daily combination of yoga practice, meditation, balance diet, and personal reflection.  And as the name implies, it must be follow for, you guessed it, 40 days.  The program is divided into six weeks.  Each week you are introduce to two of Baron's laws of transformation.  Each week builds on the previous week teachings.  

The requirements for successful completion of the program are:
1. Daily Yoga practice - 6 days a week, 7th day is a day of rest
2. Daily Meditation - Develop a daily personal meditation practice
3. Balance Diet - Eating wholesome foods.  Week four has a 3-day fruit cleanse
4. Assignments - Complete all weekly questions from book
5. Weekly Meetings - Attend all meetings

Why forty days?  According to an excerpt from dailyom.com, the answer is:
"Because the number 40 holds tremendous spiritual significance in the realm of transformation. Jesus wandered in the desert for forty days in order to experience purification and come to a greater understanding of himself and his mission. Moses and his people traveled through the desert for forty years before arriving at their home in the holy land. Noah preserved the sacredness of life by sailing his ark for forty days and forty nights. According to the Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish mystical text, it takes forty days to ingrain any new way of being into our system, and that is what we are aiming to do here: wipe out the old and welcome the new. In forty days, you can shift into a whole new way of living and being". 

Let the revolution begin! 

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